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Prisma Health does not maintain any formal internship deadlines.  We recommend visiting this site weekly throughout the year to remain informed of newly announced opportunities.

Due to COVID-19, we are currently limited to only hosting students on-site if they are fulfilling degree requirements/for-credit. All students are welcome to apply to virtual opportunities. Virtual opportunities will be listed as “Virtual” within the description.

Department: Clinical Assessment and Referral Center

Number of positions available: 1


  • Location of internship: Physician Practice
  • Approximate dates of internship: TBD – Spring
  • Preferred days of the week: Monday – Friday, varies
  • Preferred hours: Varies

Preferred degree program:

  • Students currently enrolled in: Bachelor’s degree program
  • With a concentration or focus in: Healthcare related field

Description of internship position:

Interns will be involved in the Department of Psychiatry’s efforts to realize the Prisma Health vision of transforming healthcare for the benefit of the people and communities served. This internship will part of a dynamic team primary focusing on supporting patients as they move through the healthcare system with the goal of increasing patient compliance, treatment adherence, and access to mental health services.

The intern will contribute to the delivery of care to those individuals suffering from a wide range of mental illnesses.
The intern will work closely with other healthcare providers to assist patients with reminder phone calls and helping patients accessing the right care, at the right time and in the right place. The intern will work closely with a variety of healthcare professionals as they work to promote awareness about mental health issues, reduce stigma and discrimination, and improve the mental health of the community. The intern will provide direct communication to the supervisor. Tracking and reporting data. Ongoing feedback sessions.

Learning outcomes:

The intern will gain experience in the field of psychiatry and mental health care. The intern will gain experience in identifying and addressing the barriers individuals face in accessing healthcare and maintaining wellness. The intern will learn the skills necessary to work as a member of a dynamic team of healthcare professionals.

Student Reported Learning outcomes:

Students previously interning in this role have reported they’re more familiar with and have a greater understanding of the following:

Is a stipend available? No

Is academic credit available? No

Notes to applicants:

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