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GHS does not maintain any formal internship deadlines.  We recommend visiting this site weekly throughout the year to remain informed of newly announced opportunities.

Department: Laurens Administration

Number of positions available: 1


  • Location of internship: Laurens County Hospital
  • Approximate dates of internship: TBD – Spring, Summer
  • Preferred days of the week: TBD: Monday – Friday
  • Preferred hours: TBD: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Preferred degree program:

  • Students currently enrolled in: Bachelor’s degree program
  • With a concentration or focus in: Health Administration, Health Science, Business Administration or related

Description of internship position:

Provide an internship opportunity to student interested in hospital/healthcare administration. Our internship will provide student with exposure to a wide range of departments and the opportunity to focus on particular areas of interest. Provide interns with understanding of role within hospital administration. Provide intern broad exposure to opportunities within healthcare administration

Learning outcomes:

Intern will be able to describe the management system used to drive performance. Intern will be able to describe career and professional opportunities within healthcare administration. Provide intern with understanding of financial and business aspects of healthcare administration. Intern will complete at least one project for a service line or ancillary manager. Intern will complete at least one project involving research and analysis.

Is a stipend available? No

Is academic credit available? Not Sure

Notes to applicants:

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