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GHS does not maintain any formal internship deadlines.  We recommend visiting this site weekly throughout the year to remain informed of newly announced opportunities.

Department: Department of Surgery

Number of positions available: 10


  • Location of internship: Greenville Memorial Hospital
  • Approximate dates of internship: TBD – Summer
  • Preferred days of the week: Monday – Friday, varies
  • Preferred hours: 08:00-16:30

Preferred degree program:

  • Students currently enrolled in: Bachelor’s degree program
  • With a concentration or focus in: Pre-Medical Biology

Description of internship position:

To provide undergraduate, graduate and pre-medical students with experiences that will stimulate them to consider pursuing a career in medicine in general and in academic surgery.

The SPURS program at Greenville Health System Department of Surgery offers undergraduate and medical students an opportunity to spend 8 weeks from June 1 through July 31 each year in a research study program. These summer interns participate in research studies under the mentorship of department surgeons and surgery residents on specific research studies. Greenville Health System (GHS), a teaching and academic medical center, performs many research studies on surgical outcomes, observational reviews of surgical techniques, prospective studies of surgical treatments and case reviews of surgical patients. During the Academic Calendar year of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 our department published 58 peer-reviewed journal articles, wrote 7 book chapters, co-authored 1 book, gave 73 national/regional/international/local presentations, gave 5 poster presentations and submitted an additional 21 abstracts for future presentation. During the summer of 2018, our Summer Internship Program hosted 18 students. These students were matched to 11 research studies.

Benefits of this program are many. Participants are given the opportunity to be immersed into actual surgical research studies allowing them to become well versed in the particular study subject. Interns learn the basics of study design, hypothesis formulation, critical thinking and data collection. Students also gain valuable experience from the mentoring given to them by faculty surgeons and resident surgeons. Many research projects will lead to publication. Lastly, students are given the opportunity to join our surgeons in the operating room where they experience the unique perspective of actual surgical procedures.To mentor students interested in surgical research.To immerse students in clinical activities germaine to their research.To help students complete a research project.

Learning outcomes:

Department faculty mentor students in research design.Department faculty expose students to clinical activities in their offices and in the operating room which allows better synthesis of the research.The work performed by the students, which primarily involves updating surgical databases, allows the Department of Surgery to maintain a highly productive research department.Students prepare an abstract for review by their assigned surgucal faculty.Students are given one on one time with faculty and residents to discuss their research and observed clinical activities. Faculty provide feedback to students.Research projects involving students are completed and submitted for publication.

Is a stipend available? No

Is academic credit available? Not Sure

Notes to applicants:

SPURS Program. The application will open in November/December and remain open until March.

Applicants must include two references in the provided fields.

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