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Prisma Health does not maintain any formal internship deadlines.  We recommend visiting this site weekly throughout the year to remain informed of newly announced opportunities.

Due to COVID-19, we are currently limited to only hosting students on-site if they are fulfilling degree requirements/for-credit. All students are welcome to apply to virtual opportunities. Virtual opportunities will be listed as “Virtual” within the description.

Department: Language Services – Upstate

Number of positions available: 1


  • Location of internship: Greenville Memorial Hospital
  • Approximate dates of internship: TBD – Summer
  • Preferred days of the week: Monday – Friday, varies
  • Preferred hours: Varies

Preferred degree program:

  • Students currently enrolled in: Bachelor’s degree program
  • With a concentration or focus in: Pre-Health, Translation and Interpretation, or related

Description of internship position:

Student will have the opportunity to acquire experience in Spanish Language interpretation (or other) and translation services for Prisma Health. Students will be equipped with knowledge and experience that will allow them to make a more informed decision regarding their post graduate studies and career choices.

Learning outcomes:

The student will develop goals and objectives based on abilities and health-related interest. The student will obtain a more detailed understanding of the regulations, requirements and challenges in healthcare today. The student will begin to understand and develop the skills and competencies required for success. These include: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Thinking & Reasoning.

Student Reported Learning outcomes:

Students previously interning in this role have reported they’re more familiar with and have a greater understanding of the following:

Is a stipend available? No

Is academic credit available? Not Sure

Notes to applicants:

A virtual option may be available (Covid).

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