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GHS does not maintain any formal internship deadlines.  We recommend visiting this site weekly throughout the year to remain informed of newly announced opportunities.

Department: Department of OBGYN (Clinical Trials)

Number of positions available: 1


  • Location of internship: Physician Practice
  • Approximate dates of internship: TBD – Spring
  • Preferred days of the week: Flexible
  • Preferred hours: Flexible

Preferred degree program:

  • Students currently enrolled in: Master’s degree program
  • With a concentration or focus in: Public Health, Health Care Management, Community Health, or related

Description of internship position:

The student will participate in the implementation and evaluation of an innovative approach to caring for pregnant women.

Learning outcomes:

The student will gain skills in research design, administration, and analysis, as well as program implementation.

Is a stipend available? Yes

Is academic credit available? Not Sure

Notes to applicants:

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